Men — Dominating Journalism

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts published “The 2011 Count” in February, featuring a series of pie charts that reveal the journalism industry’s favoritism of men. The pie charts show how many women were published in a particular news publication for the year of 2011. Well-known publications, such as The Atlantic and The New Yorker, had disappointing numbers.

The New Yorker published pieces from 242 women and 613 men last year. The New Republic published 344 men and only 78 women.

The only chart that looked reasonably proportionate was of Granta Magazine. In 2011 the magazine published pieces from 34 women and 30 men. But according to a Mother Jones article, “Granta is somewhat of an outlier, though, given that it only publishes four times per year and one of its 2011 issues was dedicated to feminism.”

Mother Jones provided an impressive chart of their own:

Going through the pie charts stunned me when I realized gender also played a role in book reviews. There were 368 female book reviewers and 448 male book reviewers published in the The New York Times last year. Even more startling were the numbers of female and male authors reviewed:

The Boston Review had twice as many male book reviewers than female book reviewers (8:4), but was the only publication listed by VIDA to have more female authors reviewed (5:9).

A blog from The Guardian last year stated:

It is still a men’s world in national newspaper journalism, according to a survey released last night by the campaigning group Women in Journalism (WiJ).

The study found that 74% of news journalists on the nationals are men and that men also dominate political and business journalism. Somewhat less surprisingly, just 3% of sports journalists are women

I understand that not every publication can be as politically correct as Mother Jones, but these charts are disturbing. Although women are now outnumbering men in the workforce and men who are college-educated, gender discrimination in the workplace still exists.


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  1. This is really fascinating to see! To think that even though most of the reporters I see on TV are women and then finding out that the journalism world is dominated mostly by males is quite surprising. Good read!

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